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Posted on: 1st June 2021

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Hi all, this is Richard, one of the founders and director of The Lake District Hamper Company. I’m sitting down to write this just after putting my daughter down to bed and signing off my work emails for the day – it seems to never stop at the moment!

In a way I can’t quite believe I’m here, writing this blog, as we (myself and partner, Jess) embark on our new venture. This would’ve seemed inconceivable just a few short months ago.

Our journey with this company started in January 2021, roughly 4 months ago – frustratingly thrown into lockdown 3 and looking for some inspiration, it was one of those ideas that hit us with the question of “why haven’t we thought of this before now?!”. Since then, I’d like to say it’s been plain sailing but that wouldn’t tell anywhere near the whole story.

We started with the idea, one which we thought could be up and running in a few weeks… how naïve we were! It’s strange that so much work has gone into a business that hasn’t even launched yet. I suppose this the sort of work that, to a large extent, once it’s out of the way we’ll never have to think of it again. Our goal at the moment it to be up and running and as close to automated as we possibly can be. Our central ethos from the very start has been the customer experience. We’ve invested a lot into developing the customer experience from browsing the site to receiving a product. Our aim is to absolutely be best in class.

From my personal perspective, and I suppose this applies to all businesses, not just a start-up Lake District inspired hamper business, the success of the journey to starting a business is just to tackle every obstacle that comes your way.

There are so many instances where we were exposed to a relatively low level of risk, and a problem would arise. Some license would need to be applied for, or something would come out of the blue that you had never considered. These little problems gave us so many opportunities to just say “do you know what, this is too difficult, let’s just not do it”. The key to getting through that, as I’ve found, is to just manage each little issue at a time, don’t give up on the end goal and find ways to overcome. If you’re left with too many to deal with all at one time you’ll invariably give up.

The passion for what you do gives you the motivation to work through those problems. We’re really passionate about showcasing what our home has to offer. We hope that people come from far and wide to get a real taste of the Lake District with our hampers and we hope you check back in soon as there’ll be loads more in terms of produce and supporting small business to come in the near future.

Until then, take a look, browse at our selection, and if there’s anything we can do more specifically for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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